AYC at The East Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace and Security in Africa, Kampala, September 2018

In line with Pillar (4) of the AYC Strategic Plan 2018-2020, the Secretariat of the AYC has duly endorsed the East Africa Youth Empowerment Forum on Peace and Security, organised by the Yearning Voices Foundation (YVF) in cooperation with other partners. 
The forum is convened under the theme: ”Youth as Key Actors for Peace and Security in Africa”, and will take place on 21st September at St. Lawrence University Rubaga in Kampala, Uganda. It brought together 1,000 youth from across East Africa, various actors in the peace and security sectors and stakeholders from different disciplines to deliberate on matters of peace and security concerns in Africa today. The event encouraged youth to be more vigilant, concerned and actively engage in promoting peace and security agenda of the continent as well as regional integration and development.
For more information, see the concept note, website and facebook page below.
2. http://yvfug.org/east-africa-youth-empowerment-forum-on-peace-and-security-in-africa/
3. https://www.facebook.com/yvfug/