AYC participated in WWF’s Mapping and Assessment Exercise on Capacity and Levels of Engagement of Pan African Youth Networks in Contributing to the Sustainable Development Agenda.

The African Youth Charter defines youth as “every person between the ages of 15 and 35 years” (AU, 2006). Despite the recognition of the important role of youth in the delivery of green growth, and ultimately sustainable development, not enough has been done to enhance their ability to drive this agenda. Not only are youth particularly affected by the global crises such as climate change, but our societies currently fail to benefit fully from the creativity and dynamism inherent to youth. Green jobs resulting from green growth innovation by young people can be a steppingstone towards creating space for youth contributions to societal change.

To respond to this issue, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), commissioned a study to map and assess the capacity and levels of engagement of existing Pan African Youth Networks towards meaningful transformative actions to contribute towards green growth and sustainable development in Africa. This is expected to inform the key areas of focus towards building and strengthening capacity to drive the desired change towards sustainable development in Africa.

For more download the Individual Organisational Capacity Assessment Report for AYC

Download the Full Report – Mapping and Assessment of PAYNS