ICPD +25 Talk Plenary

ICPD +25 Talk Plenary

March 25, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Main Hall
Kairaba Beach Hotel
Kunle Adeniyi
+220 4494970
ICPD +25 Talk Plenary @ Main Hall

ICPD +25 – Accelerating delivering on the promise from Cairo by UNFPA The Gambia.

This ICPD focused plenary will be to mark twenty-five years since the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in 1994. This signature plenary will raise awareness on progress that has been made since ICPD in 1994 and ICPD+20 as well as a call to action to accelerate actions towards delivering transformation for individual dignity and human rights for all, leaving no-one behind in Africa as part of realizing sustainable development.

The session shall be moderated by a charismatic, informed and enthusiastic young woman. The moderator will take the stage and set the scene for the discussion. She will give a 5 minutes background introduction to the session by giving key highlights of the ICPD processes and reflecting on the 5 pillars. She will share the official social media handles and encourage participants to engage meaningfully. She will then invite the 5 Panelists to join her on stage to deliberate further on the topic. She will call the panelists 1 by 1 to the stage, introducing first the name of the speaker and their brief profile as they walk up to the stage. Once all the speakers have taken their seats aligned to their name tags, she will invite the audience to view a short clip (8 minutes MAX) which is a video collage dubbed ‘ICPD Voices’. This is a video of young people from across Africa giving their views on 1. What do you know about ICPD 2. What do you think of the status of women and youth in Africa

When the clip ends, the moderator will begin the plenary session. The first round of comments from the speakers will be 5 minutes prepared interventions. The panelists will be responding to the same 2 questions that have been posed to the young people from the video. The follow up questions will be aligned to each speaker’s line of work. They will have 3 minutes max to respond to the follow up questions. The moderator will bring the conversation to the audience and take a few (depending on time) questions or commitments ONLY. This is to ensure that the conversation is focused and constructive. The moderator will give the panelists about 2 or 3 minutes each to respond to the questions. In the end, the moderator will ask each panelist to give ONE word that describes ICPD +25. The moderator must insist that it is one word and not a phrase. The moderator will end the plenary with 2 or 3 lines of powerful insights derived from the session and urging all young people to take on the baton of delivering prosperous livelihoods for all. She will thank the panelists and request everyone to go for a tea break while the plenary speaker will go for an official group photo session.