Our Areas of Work

We are serving from last 7 years.

The African Youth Commission (AYC) is an independent Pan-African youth network founded by youth leaders to foster synergy amongst youth and youth organisations on the African continent and Diaspora.

We provide young people a platform for dialogue to create an evidence base for best practices through

Through workshops, trainings and experience sharing, we provide and facilitate engagement of young pe

Impactful youth engagement recognises and seeks to change the power structures that prevent young peo

AYC consolidates youth voices through grassroots organisations linkages to build a strong youth movem

AYC facilitates the collective participation and engagement of young people in official, formal and

How We Organise

The National Consortium Platforms

The National Consortium will serve as an umbrella body to organise and coordinate activities of the AYC member organisations at national level as well as to promote and support other in-country youth initiatives

Membership is open to youth organizations, youth groups, youth networks, youth coalitions, youth councils, youth commissions, youth associations, youth parliaments, youth professional and think tank bodies, youth chambers of commerce, youth clubs in high schools and colleges, and associations of university students from all member states of the African Union and Diaspora.