Specific Objectives

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a) The African Youth Commission shall be a platform for all youth, youth structures and all thing youth in Africa. The structure shall house the Executive Council composed of elected Executive Chairperson, Deputy Executive Chairperson, eight Commissioners and the Secretariat headed by the Executive Secretary/Coordinator and Directors to support and strengthen the service of youth and youth structures in the continent, Pan African Youth Union and Youth Division of African Union Commission for unifying voice and broader engagement.

b) The commission in its membership shall include all youth (at youth age and above) and youth organizations, groups, networks, coalitions, councils, associations, professional and think tank bodies, chambers of commerce, high school, college and university students from the African countries and Diaspora.

c) Membership shall have nothing to do with one’s religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, skin color, location and gender.

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The African Youth Commission shall;

a) Organize and unify youth voice, strengthen stronger bonds of cooperation among the youth and youth structures by providing them with a unique platform to exchange ideas and experiences, create impact driven change, promote the Pan African Agenda 2063 to ensure young people’s ownership, effective participation and representation at African Union programmes and initiatives.

b) Promote regular and constructive dialogue among the youth, youth structures, Governments through AU and regional economic communities, civil society organizations, African Diaspora, and international/development partners with regard to youth development in the continent.

c) Facilitate discussions and work on issues affecting effective youth’s participation and representation at AU led negotiations and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of legal instruments, projects, programmes, and or initiatives by bringing them to the attention of national governments and regional bodies.

d) Initiate and support in collaboration with AUC Youth Division, NEPAD e-Africa programme, national youth councils, regional, continental youth structures, groups, networks and African Diaspora the implementation of an online African youth resource Centre or portal pertaining to youth in development for facilitation of networking, easy access to, engagement and dissemination of relevant and timely information on youth projects and initiatives throughout the continent and Diaspora. The portal would also be a place where anyone looking for a youth expert or specialist, youth organization or initiative on any issue can go to access.

e) Work with Pan African Youth Union to advocate for standalone Youth Division in AUC, define and formalize entry point for the youth’s intervention in AU activities and programmes.

f) Work with AUC, RECs, International and Development partnership for establishment of a continental Youth Fund to support youth and young women seeking for political leadership or position and to strengthen active youth participation and representation in events of great importance to their development.

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The Governance and Institutional structure of the Commission shall consist of;
1. General Assembly.
2. Executive Council.
3. Secretariat.
4. Advisory Board.

The Plenary session of the Annual General Membership Meeting shall be the supreme policy making organ of the Commission and be composed of;

1. Honourable delegates of all registered youth and youth structures or their representatives.
2. Executive Council Officials.
3. Distinguished members of the Advisory Board.
4. Observers accredited by the Secretariat.

Meetings of the annual General Membership;
a) The General Membership shall meet annually.
b) The Plenary shall consider the annual report of the Executive Chairperson on behalf of the Commission.
c) The Plenary of the General Membership Meeting shall elect and inaugurate elected officers to the Executive Council.
d) Elections of officers to the Executive Council shall be done at the Plenary of the General Membership through electronic balloting system or any legitimate process identified by the Independent Electoral Board.
e) The General Membership Plenary may meet in Extraordinary Sessions under conditions to be specified in the rules of procedure.
f) The General Membership Plenary shall review the membership structure periodically.
g) The annual and extraordinary meetings of General Membership shall be attended by honourable delegates of all registered youth and youth structures or their representatives, Executive Council officials, distinguished members of Advisory Board and observers who have been accredited by the Secretariat.

Observers shall include;
a) Representatives of youth or youth structures in Africa and Diaspora who are not members of the African Youth Commission, officials of AU/AUC, RECs (UMA, COMESA, CEN–SAD, EAC, ECCAS, ECOWAS, IGAD, SADC), NEPAD planning and coordinating agency and other International or Development partners such as UN agencies.