The National Consortium will serve as an umbrella body to organise and coordinate activities of the AYC member organisations at national level as well as to promote and support other in-country youth initiatives.

Who Are We? Read Our History

The African Youth Commission (AYC) is an independent Pan-African youth network founded by youth leaders to foster synergy amongst youth and youth organisations on the continent and Diaspora.

Officially inaugurated on January 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the network is determined and committed to provide a space and voice for youth and youth organisations to set and drive their own agenda, promote the involvement of young people as key partners in the implementation of the Africa 2063 Agenda as well the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, support advocacy actions on the ratification and implementation of the African Youth Charter, other youth rights-based legal instruments and contribute to advancing the AU Shared Values through a network of locally based youth actors.


What We Do Our Strategic Priorities

1. AYC Strengthening

2. Employment & Entrepreneurship

3. Health and Well-being

4. Governance and Human rights

5. Peace and Security

The Rationale

Africa is a continent of the young, with about 65% of the total population are below the age of 35 years, and over 35% are between the ages of 15 and 35 years – making Africa the most youthful continent. During the 29th African Union (AU) Summit, her Excellency Amira El Fadil, the Commissioner for Social Affairs at the African Union Commission said, “Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in youth is the key to achieving the bold aspirations of Agenda 2063. We need to implement the key deliverables in the Roadmap and transform education and skills development, health and wellbeing, empowerment as well as employment and entrepreneurship as we march towards inclusive economic growth and sustainable development”

The youth are critical for Africa’s continued development and demographic evolution. This population represents new entrants into the continent’s labour force and will also serve as the basis for future demographic growth. The youth can therefore be either a major source of development, or serious social friction depending on the success with which they are incorporated into the labour market and other social structures.

Governments, researchers and civil society have increasingly recognized that quality education, training, health information and services, as well as human rights protections and opportunities to participate in decision-making are necessary for the young people. With these investments, the youth are able to thrive, contribute fully to their societies, and develop the judgement, values, behaviours, and resilience they need to be safe, to end discrimination and violence, especially against girls and women, and to help create and sustain national, sub-regional, continental and global peace. In turn, this generation will nurture the next so that they can reach their full potential and participate effectively in a rapidly changing globalized world.

Membership Registration

Membership shall be open to all, subject to application and payment of annual membership dues as stated in the annual membership fees.There shall be two types of membership, Youth (individual) and Youth Structure (organization, group, network etc.) with either ‘Active’ or ‘Non Active’ status.